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The Way You Make me Feel is Just Amazing.

February 4, 2011


There, it says it all. I just feel inspired to do such 🙂


Sunday Afternoon at High Street

February 1, 2011

This is a photo I took after we went to Mass, The tree just captured my attention even though it was unlikely to be noticed on a regular basis. It reminds me of cherry blossoms in Japan or a tree shedding its leaves to prepare for winter during the fall.



San Antonio Church at Forbes; we went to mass here. It’s really a beautiful church, especially when the sun sets behind it. I also love the environment outside the church, Starbucks was just near. Reminds me of the December Night my Tito got married here, and me and my cousin dear, PJ, had coffee before the wedding.



We went to high street, and stopped for a while at the open field with the dogs. His name is CLOUD, he’s a Siberian Husky, such beautiful creatures. I want one! He was very well behaved, he seemed to have really posed in front of the camera. Just look at those gorgeous blue eyes and that thick shinny fur! It makes me miss Max & Nikki back home, I wish I could take them to walks here in Manila too, they’d love it.



Fort’s Skyline behind sunset; it’s just magnificent. This is the view from the open field where the dogs were taking a walk. This is exactly why I love looking at the sky; it represents such beauty of the heavens.



Phil & James Younghusband; star players and hearthrobs of the Philippine Football Team, Azkalz (This is the poster of Mizuno at High Street). They’re in Bacolod now for their Philippines vs Mongolia game on Feb 9, Mom won’t let me go home, so instead she bought me the Blue Version of their jersey, while she got Elle the white one; they’re required to wear white when they watch the game.



We ate at TGI Friday’s for dinner. I think this is not the usual order; we got Fish Veracruz & Jack Daniel’s Salmon than the usual Ribs and steak but it was still delish!


We had Froyo afterwards at Hobbes Landes, typical me, I get the small size with Mango & Graham Toppings. I wanted cookie dough but they didn’t have. I was pretty struck by this saying found on the wall, I took a photo in black and white.



I just love being at high street, the environment is really relaxing and pleasing. More so, I get to take a lot of good pictures. These are just some.

Saturday Night at Izakaya

January 31, 2011

We celebrated Becca & Nikki’s birthday at Izakaya, Greenbelt. It was a great night, most of the Bacolod People here in Manila were there! Talk about Party People, I think that’s us. And you can’t deny it, were also gorgeous. :)

Izakaya, is obviously Japanese.  This is a portion of the bar and that dragon design on the wall is really amazing.

Waiting outside; Angela, Kathy, Dani, Becca & Adie.


Nikki’s friends; Dani, Thea, Pat & Giselle. Three of them flew in all the way from Bacolod & Cebu to surprise her.

The couples; Riel & Bella and Max & Carlo.


By the bar, Me, Anton, Mikee & Chesca.


Danica & Angela on the dance floor.



I ran into my friend, Pedro Tumibay, drummer of the CSB Band, Lions & Acrobats. Watch them!


Chesca, Kathy, Angela & Birthday Girl Becca.


CJ Lopez, you are the only boy in the world!


Mia & Megan.



Jamie & Mikee



What up Jay? And thats Jamie with his surprised look at the back.

Yeah, everyone here is from Bacolod. L-R, Megan, Carlo, Mia, Riel, Bella, MJ, Anton, hay, Sab, Jamie & Dani.


I left around 1:30 am, transferred to Encore for another Party, and I accidentally took Kathy’s car keys with me!



For more photos, check my FB Account






Becca’s 18th at Conti’s

January 30, 2011

Becca’s Cake

Definitely too sweet for our eyes; this sweet layer of Chocolate cake(purple part), and banana cake(blue part) is covered with sweet sugary fondant. This cosmetic- inspired cake was made by her very talented sister, Rhea. The best part is, everything is edible! YES! We can eat make up now!

Conti’s Baked Salmon

I’ll never get tired of this dish, its just heaven in your mouth. Everytime I visit Conti’s I never fail to recommend or order this dish with melted cheese on top!

Try it, it won’t disapoint you!



Pork Chops


It was my first time to try this dish; upon Becca’s recommendation and trust me it was delish like mmmm. It just sucked coz it was sort of difficult to cut; otherwise knows as hard. But other than that, It was yummy, especially that cream sauce they smothered this piece of meat with.


Visit Conti’s at Greenbelt 2, Makati 

The Birthday Girl with her Cake!


We’re done with dinner! Waiting for Kathy’s car, gonna head to her place to do the first round of shots.



Ela, CJ & Me


Dani, CJ(feeling Tim Yap:) & Chesca